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What Are The Potential Costs Of Surrogacy


Below are the estimated costs for utilizing a Gestational Carrier. Beyond any agency fee, these are certain standard costs that you should anticipate paying. Actual fees will be determined when you are matched with a carrier and a contract is written.  The estimate ranges from $90,000 to $150,000+ depending on the number of IVF cycles needed to achieve pregnancy, potential complications with the pregnancy and other factors such as travel, lost wages, co-pay's and insurance deductibles.  If you are utilizing an egg donor, these costs could be higher.

****Please note all fees are approximate estimations only****


Medical Insurance - $400-$600 / monthly, if needed

Medical insurance premiums are paid directly to the insurance company for approximately fifteen (15) months.  A fee to the insurance agent may be required for assistance in locating a policy for the surrogate.

Life Insurance - $500 / year

A $250,000 term life policy is reasonable to cover the carrier in case of death during the surrogacy process.  The cost will vary depending on the age, health status and residence of the carrier. 


Psychological Evaluation & MMPI - $600 - $1500

The carrier and her husband/partner will attend a clinical interview with a licensed therapist to determine her suitability to act as  a carrier.  She may also take the MMPI test which is a personality test.

Medical Evaluations - $1,500 to $2,500

This testing will determine the surrogate's suitability for pregnancy and STD testing of spouse. 


Intended Parent Legal Representation - $4,500 to $7,500

The attorney will draft, negotiate and review the surrogacy contract for the Intended Parents.  This is necessary to ensure that the Intended Parents are named as the legal parents on the birth certificate as well as to provide an orderly administration of how money will be transmitted between the parties.

Carrier Legal Representation - $1,000 to $2,500

The attorney will review the surrogacy contract with the Carrier and negotiate changes on her behalf.  The attorney fees will be paid by the Intended Parents.

Parental Establishment & Court Proceedings - $1,500 -$5,000

The Intended Parents' attorney will draft, review, obtain signatures and file legal pleading papers with the Court.  The exact cost will be determined by the state where the baby is to be born.  Most attorneys will include these fees in their original representation bill.

Escrow - $1,000 to $2,000

An escrow account is held by the Intended Parent's attorney or a bonded third party to provide the Carrier security with the reimbursement which she expects to receive for carrying the baby to term.


First-Time Carrier's Base Compensation (with insurance) - $30,000 to $40,000

First-Time Carrier's Base Compensation (without insurance) - $28,000 to $32,000

Experienced Carrier's Base Compensation (with insurance) - $45,000 and up

This compensation is paid to the carrier, via the escrow account, in installments over the course of the pregnancy beginning with the confirmation of pregnancy (confirmation of heartbeat at approximately six (6) weeks of pregnancy, via ultrasound).  The exact amount is determined, in part, where the carrier resides.

Monthly Allowance - $200-$300/ month

Carriers occasionally receive an expense reimbursement for approximately fifteen (15) months.  Paid In lieu of itemized costs, this allowance includes reimbursements for mileage under thirty (30) miles, telephone calls, faxes, non-prescription vitamins, etc.  This fee begins at the signing of the contract to one month after birth.

Travel Expenses

Airfare, rental cars, and lodging may be paid when a carrier is required to travel more than 30 miles for medical screening or embryo transfers.

Maternity Clothing Allowance - $750.00 (singleton)

Maternity Clothing Allowance - $1,000.00 (multiples)

This fee is paid at twelve (12) weeks for a singleton and eight (8) weeks for multiples and directly to the carrier through the escrow account.

Start of Medications fee - $500-$750

Carrier may receive such a payment upon starting injectible medications to compensate them for having a foreign substance in their body. 

Medicated Mock Cycle fee - $500

Some Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE) will require a mock cycle to stimulate a cycle to test for the thickening of uterine lining.

Embryo Transfer fee - $750

This fee is paid to compensate the carrier for discomfort and risk associated with the procedure.

Invasive Procedure fees - $500 to $3,500

Carriers may receive $500 per procedure for amniocentesis or other invasive prenatal diagnostic testing; and $1,500-$2,000 for early termination procedures, fetal reduction, or ectopic pregnancy.

Miscarriage with a D&C fee - $1,500

Some carriers may be paid this fee to compensate her for additional pain, added risks and recovery time of this medical event.

C-Section fee - $2,500

If the carrier is required to deliver via c-section, she may receive this fee to compensate her for the additional pain, added risks and longer recovery time.

Multiples - $6,000-$10,000 each

A carrier typically receives additional compensation for each additional baby carried.

Housekeeping Allowance - $500-$1,500

A carrier may receive an allowance of $50 per week or more to help her at home if she is ordered to bedrest or at any point in her pregnacy.

Lost Wages - actual costs

Occasionally a carrier will receive net lost wages (approximately eight (8) weeks) and spouse (three (3) to five (5) days) when she is ordered to bedrest.  If carrier is a stay-at-home mom or unemployed, no lost wages are paid.  The Carrier must provide proof of actual lost wages. 

NOTE:  Some carriers may be subject to additional screening and all co-pays and insurance deductibles are the responsibility of the Intended Parents.  Medical costs for egg retrievals, IVF embryo transfers and all pharmaceutical costs are determined by your reproductive endocrinologist; clinic utilized and preferred drug company.

All of the above fees are subject to change as the professionals you work with may increase or lower their costs, and individual carriers may have fees that reflect their circumstances.

As with any program or even working with a carrier independently, you will incur most of the above-mentioned fees such as the "benefit package", which is in addition to the carrier's base compensation.  Some carriers are willing to reduce or waive some of the benefits, thus reducing the costs to you. 

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