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Where Can I Find Asian Egg Donors

High Demand for Asian Egg Donors 

If you are searching for an egg donor, chances are great that you have more than enough profiles to choose from at your clinic or agency. You may even find one that is close to your physical and educational attributes, ensuring that your potential children will be genetically similar to both parents. In the dark corner of the room however is a group of couples who are still on a waiting list to find their right match.

 Asian (including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, and East Indian) donors are in high demand and couples find the pool of donors available at their clinic or agency isn't sufficient enough to find their preferred choice. In most clinics, Asian egg donors total to less than 5% of their donor pool. Some couples will wait years before settling on a donor they can be happy with, in cases compromising for a donor of a different ethnicity or being half-Caucasian. In places like Toronto, where there are many East Indian couples waiting for a donor, some couples must face the decision to consider a Hispanic donor if they are to even have a chance of conceiving a child. If a couple can afford it, they can pay the costs to fly a donor to their clinic from across the country.

 One of the speculated reasons for this is due to some of the culture of the Asian people. Blood lineage is important and almost sacred to families and it is difficult for a woman to contemplate participating as a donor. As well, awareness is practically non-existent. So, why don't the potential mothers ask a member of her family to donate? Infertility is seen as failure in some cultures – so couples do not even tell their families of their struggle. If a donor is found, the secret may remain between the parents and the child may never know they were donor conceived. This secrecy makes finding the right donor even more crucial.

So while it may at the time look scarce, hopefully the database will continue to fill with these Asian donors who have looked beyond the silk curtain to find that helping her fellow woman is more rewarding than to dwell on her traditional culture's views.


 Asian Egg Donation agency has established itself to be the number one (and currently only) source to provide a wide variety of Asian donors. Asian Egg Donation, LLC, based in the East Coast, provides unique matching services to Asian egg recipients located in clinics around the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, Boston, and Toronto in Canada. While all the other agencies post their advertisements in English-speaking newspapers and websites, Asian Egg Donation has Asian-speaking managers to translate ads to more commonly read Asian periodicals and speak in their language. Sara, from Denver, is a donor manager with Asian Egg Donation, LLC. As of Sep '08, the database reports 81 available Asian donors and Sara is working with 58 more applicants to complete their profiles to be added to the pool. Couples and donors may visit and apply or refer others to their website at    

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